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Welcome to Math 2033!

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Math 2033: Fall 2012

This is the Wiki: The heart, soul and archive of the grand 2033 conspiracy. This is your site; it's all up for grabs!

All your projects should be recorded and detailed here: in photographs, film, text or 3D. As the archive of the course, there is a lot here already to discover and enjoy!

Student contributions

Members of the class can make multiple contributions that include:

  • Organizing: Finding ways of linking material to this page and to other pages.
  • Rewriting: Making things easier to understand, improving grammar and revising spelling.
  • Referencing: Putting in links to other web sites dealing with similar material and giving sources for the claims and ideas.
  • Helping: Putting up guides to help other people use the Wiki.

Take a look at some of the work of previous students, especially the Model Pages:

Getting Started

These are a few links you guys may find useful: